Casper is an attorney and entrepreneur with a focus on technology. Born and raised in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), he lived abroad in South Africa and Thailand and is now settled in Amsterdam. He is a scenario thinker and an energetic professional who constantly challenges himself and those around him. He is naturally curious about all things science and technology. He spends his spare time with friends, playing sports, travelling, reading and scuba diving. You can wake him up at any time for Mexican food.


Casper is a corporate attorney based in Amsterdam. Fascinated by the impact of technology on business models and corporate governance, he advises clients on legal and tech matters to develop business opportunities. Casper works side by side with several startups, providing advice on seed and venture capital investments, governance and related topics. He has also represented various companies on general corporate matters, including mergers and acquisitions and corporate litigation. Clients know him for his sound pragmatic legal advice with a focus on finding innovative solutions.


As the co-founder of multiple startups, Casper knows how to develop an idea into a viable business. When he was young he mowed lawns and washed cars, but he moved on and since has worked on a number of projects including developing an app for ordering food in restaurants and the production of a mouse deterrent.

He invested in a number of new projects that combine technologies such as distributed ledger technology, biometrics and machine learning.


Casper's last book is about key technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things and blockchain. He explains how these drivers of change will impact business and society and what we can do to make tech work for all us (Technology & Governance: making technology work for society, Prometheus, 2021, In 2017, Casper co-authored a leading book on Dutch corporate governance (Handboek Voorzitter, Mediawerf, 2017) and he is a guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business University on that topic. He is also a lecturer on Law & Technology at the Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPO).

He is regularly invited as a keynote speaker, known for his engaging and convivial presentation style. Casper takes complex technical ideas and distills them into user-friendly concepts for his audience.